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We offer TCM treatments tailored to your situation. As spouses we represent one of the main aspects of the Taoist principle, the yin and yang. One of our strengths is that we, as a team of therapists and partners, complement and support each other also in our practice. Thanks to the combination of our professional skills we can offer a very versatile treatment.

Due to our involvement at the Chiway Academy in Winterthur (Academy of Acupuncture and Asian medicine), we are also highly connected to many therapists, doctors and specialists in the field of TCM, locally as well as internationally. We are in tune with the latest developments, scientific knowledge and changes in the field of Chinese Medicine.


It is our upmost concern that during the treatment the patient is comfortable and is able to relax. This insures that the effect of our treatment can fully develop. Therefore we are working with with almost painless, extremly thin Japanese acupuncture needles and other gentle treatment methods. We also focus on creating a relaxing atmosphere and comfortable positioning of the patient.


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine is an over 2000 years old holistic alternative healing art. The strength of Chinese Medicine, with little to no side-effects, is it activates the self-healing energies of the body and thus can restore internal balance. Through the various treatments countless acute and chronic complaints can be addressed, and the immune system and overall health can be promoted.


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