in der Praxisgemeinschaft-Giesserei

In the Praxisgemeinschaft Giesserei

In our bright and modern practice room in the Praxisgemeinschaft Giesserei beside the Eulachpark, we passionately offer TCM treatments and create space for your well-being and your health.

The Praxisgemeinschaft is located in the multi-generational house "Giesserei" and can be easily reached by public transport. There are also two reserved parking spaces for private cars as well as other visitors' parking spaces available.

Treatment Room
Treatment Room
Waiting Room

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Tel. +41 79 428 76 88

E-Mail info@praxis-tcm.ch

TCM Praxis Dörflinger Ochinero
Praxisgemeinschaft Giesserei
Ida-Sträuli-Strasse 67
8404 Winterthur